Academic Writing

Award-winning publications in academic journals

I have been blessed to work with a wide variety of academic researchers over the course of my research career. This has led to some incredible papers and cutting edge research which as been cited all over the world.

Since focusing more heavily on academia, I have been able to achieve a good volume of award-winning publication in academic journals, with research primarily focused on smart cites, artificial intelligence, consumer behaviour and emerging trends in social media and completed my first editorial journal position with The Bottom Line.

The Bottom Line

Editorial Board & Peer Review Roles

  • Editor-in-Chief of The Bottom Line (Emerald) – December 2020 – December 2021 (FTC Cover)
  • International Journal of Internet Marketing & Advertising (2020) (Peer Reviewer)
  • The Bottom Line (2020-Ongoing) (Peer Reviewer)

Academic Journal Publications

  • Stone, M, Aravopoulou, E, Ekinci, Y, Evans, G, Hobbs, M, Labib A, Laughlin P, Machtynger J and Machtynger L (2020), Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Strategic Marketing Decision-Making: A research agenda, The Bottom Line, 33(2)
  • Stone M, Aravopoulou E, Evans G, Al Dhaen E and Parnell B (2018), From information mismanagement to misinformation – the dark side of information management, The Bottom Line 32(1), 47-70
  • Kolding M, Sundblad M, Alexa J, Stone M, Aravopoulou E and Evans, G (2018), Information management – a skills gap? The Bottom Line 31(3-4), 170-190
  • Stone, M., Knapper, J., Evans, G. and Aravopoulou, E. (2018). Information management in the smart city. The Bottom Line, 31(3/4) 34-249. (Winner of Emerald Literati Outstanding Paper Award)
  • Somerfield K, Mortimer K and Evans G (2018), The relevance of images in user-generated content: a mixed method study of when, and why, major brands retweet International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising 12(4), 340-357

Academic Textbooks and Chapters Publication

  • Evans, G, Sethna, Z, Faououksa, R (2019), Chapter 3 – Global Marketing, Contemporary Issues in Marketing Principles and Practice, London; SAGE
  • Evans G, Knapper J, Woudhuysen J & Stone M (2021), Transport in 2030, Chapter in The Wiley Handbook of Design & Innovation 2030. Eds. Woudhuysen J and Stone M.
  • Stone M, Aravopoulou E, Labib A, Ekinci Y, Machtynger L, Machtynger J, Evans G, Laughlin P & Hobbs M (2021), Marketing research: fakes, futures and fantasies, Chapter in The Routledge Companion to Marketing Research,  Eds Wright L, Gupta, S, Stone M, Moutinho, L, and Bagozzi, R.
  • Stone M, Evans G & Knapper, J, (2021), Smart cities & smart transport – the role of data & insight, Chapter in The Routledge Companion to Marketing Research,. Eds Wright L, Gupta, S, Stone M, Moutinho, L & Bagozzi, R.
  • Stone, M, Moutinho, L., Ekinci, Y., Labib, A,. Portsmouth U, Evans G, Aravopoulou, A. Laughlin, U.P., Hobbs, M.  A,.  Machtynger, J.,, Machtynger, L..(2021), Artifical intelligence in marketing and marketing research, Chapter in The Routledge Companion to Marketing Research,. Eds Wright L, Gupta, S, Stone M, Moutinho, L & Bagozzi, R.
  • Stone, M, Aravopoulou, E., Evans, G. (2021) Researching older citizens and their attitudes towards smart homes, Chapter in The Routledge Companion to Marketing Research,. Eds Wright L, Gupta, S, Stone M, Moutinho, L & Bagozzi, R.

Visiting Research Roles

  • Vising Research Fellow – St Mary’s University, London (September 2018-2022)
  • Vising Research Fellow – University of South Wales (September 2019-2020)



Writing has always been a passion for me and I am very lucky to be able to do a lot more of it in this stage of my career. As you will see from the other pages in this section I try to keep myself busy!


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