Marketing Director in-a-box

Pay as you go marketing support for startups and small companies

‘Pay as you go’ marketing support

From my work with start ups and smaller companies, I know money can be tight – but equally, access to high quality support and resources is critical to growth.

The two combined creating a significant problem – little spare money, but a lack of experienced support can  (ironically!) money is wasted through avoidable mistakes. I also find that many founders just need someone to speak to that they can trust and feel able to be open with (or sometimes just a shoulder to cry on!).

I developed my ‘Marketing Director In-A-Box’ concept as an answer this.

Although I typically work on longer term, more substantive assignments in my business consulting practice, this service works on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. You’ll be able to ask for my advice or help on an ad-hoc basis, which we can do over phone, or by text, email, document collaboration or WhatsApp. 

Please book a 15 minute introduction call with me for more details and pricing. I offer this service on a per hour basis, or as part of pre-agreed bundles of time on a monthly basis.

Need to grow on a limited budget?

Avoid making costly marketing mistakes – even if you’re just starting out.

A trusted advisor at the end of the phone

You’ll have someone in your corner to bounce ideas off, ask advice and open up to about your marketing challenges.

A budget-friendly 'pay as you go' model

Ask for my advice or help on an ad-hoc basis – I’ll be at the end of the phone to help with your marketing dilemmas.

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