Level up your LinkedIn brand for 2020

Increase your confidence and find your authentic voice

January 2020

LinkedIn can be a frustrating place.
You feel a vague sense of embarrassment when you’re notified that someone’s viewed your profile. You never seem to get any messages or approaches that can actually help you. It feels like no one’s really listening to what you have to offer.
With well over 20 million users in the UK alone, LinkedIn has become the epicentre of many people’s professional (and increasingly personal) lives.
So how do you stand out from your competition?
Whether that’s entrepreneurs, other job seekers, or thought leaders in your industry, it can be tough to break through and be heard through the noise. 
People often ask me if having a well-constructed LinkedIn profile really matters. My answer is simple: if you’re happy where you are, leave it as it is. But if you want to take things to the next level in your career you need to act NOW and get in the game… or watch others pass you by.

Establish your personal brand on LinkedIn

If you want to be seen on LinkedIn, it’s essential to develop a personal brand that speaks to your target audience. A brand that expresses your authentic self and your personal and professional ethos.

If that’s you, are you ready to hit the ground running in 2020?

Over the course of 30 days in January, I’ll help you create a LinkedIn brand that speaks to your ideal customers. I’ll share content strategies and provide personalised feedback and support to enable you tap into your unique personality, develop your value proposition and use your 2020 goals to make LinkedIn work for you.

Sound good?

I’ll help you make a step change with:

An honest review of your current LinkedIn brand

Help in zoning in on exactly who you really want to be on LinkedIn

Hands-on support in building an authentic personal brand

Figuring out who your target audience is and how to reach them effectively

An action plan that covers posts, blogs, video, events, groups, comments and likes

Help you embrace accountability – and take action NOW (not this weekend!)

And all with a few laughs, and a minimum of cheesy motivational speak (although there might be a bit of that involved, I’ll admit!).

Not another ‘LinkedIn challenge’

Forget the hyped-up LinkedIn content challenges you see every week, promoting a cookie-cutter approach which ends up with everyone’s LinkedIn headline sounding the same, and with the same cut and pasted words.

That’s not you. 

You want to stand out as an individual – and attract the customers that are ideal for you

I want you, your business, your brand, your ethos and your unique personality to shine out from every post. I want you to sound like YOU, not a pale imitation of someone else.

It’s time to get you noticed.

Ready to level up your LinkedIn brand?

Your investment:

For £499 you’ll receive:


A personal LinkedIn profile review and 1-2-1 coaching session with me, to help set your objectives for 2020. 


Access to video tutorials and workbooks designed to help you take practical action quickly and easily.


4 weekly group calls with me and some special guests.


final review of your new profile ready to hit the ground running in 2020.

Meet Geraint

Dr Geraint Evans is a marketing strategy consultant, keynote speaker and business coach, helping companies, marketers and founders smash through their goals 6 days a week. 

Geraint speaks at a wide variety of international events, has held a succession of global marketing leadership roles and consults with a wide variety of clients, from SMEs to global blue-chip companies, on marketing, digital and strategic growth. 

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