I’m sending back my Apple Watch. Yes, it’s official, it’s here in black and white (well a black font at least).

But why? WHY, I hear you shouting from the rafters? Well, I love it, of course (because Apple OWNS me and our entire household), but I just can’t get it to work for me – yet.

From the first moment I saw it, I was in love, but now I feel we might need some time apart (ahem, sorry, I need to get at least one pun in every blog post, sorry).

Okay, so I love the design, love the way Apple has taken over yet another category (as they are about to do yet again with the iPad Pro), but my main gripe, as with many others in the blogosphere, is that the time does not stay on all of the time. This leads to a lot of awkward arm movement in meetings that are close to running out of time!

In addition, and honestly, my (apparently big) fingers just can’t get used to the password functionality, and I also cannot seem to get my calendar to update. I also find the UI challenging to navigate one handed (apparently, this is not the case for everyone, as was demonstrated when a much younger and cooler friend of ours recently asked to have a look at my Apple Watch, and instantly got more out of it in a casual play with it for 2 mins that I had managed in 2 weeks – he just seemed to intuitively get it). Casual eBay browsing has also revealed a fascinating growth in ‘twin’ watches, connecting both a conventional watch and an Apple Watch together in a single strap (perhaps this should be my solution…!), and with the V2.0 of the Operating System now out there, I’m tempted to continue, but I cannot find any evidence of having any – or even one – of my fundamental problems with it cured (such as actually showing the time continually).So, for now, it’s going back and hopefully someone who is much younger and cooler than me will get it nicely refurbished.

Or…. maybe the real, cold hard truth I can’t face is that, really, I already want the new model that’s come out following their latest Keynote Address and that, in 2 weeks, I’ll regret not having it, buy another one and begin this whole journey one more time! That, coupled with needing to justify an upgrade to the iPhone 6s (and oh yes, fan(s) of my previous blog, I am going PLUS this time – everywhere I go an iPhone 6PLUS haunts me – has anyone else notice them seemingly getting smaller, more usable, more accessible – even more desirable??), and then, of course, I’ve got to get the iPad Pro – don’t get me started on trying to justify that particular upgrade path (“…but, but it’s got a KEYBOARD AND A PEN now…”)!

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